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4. Juni 2022 20:00 - 3:00

Pierre Grasse / Gallerie Fettstein

Große Steinstraße 55, 06108 Halle

Mail: galerie-fettstein@web.de

Special Costello

Halifax, Nova Scotia based Jeremy Costello had wings, long before he looked up. Wings of imagination. Brandishing in his head, transforming deep-rooted emotions into poetry and sound. He is a singer, bassist, synthesist and sound designer injecting experimental noise and ambient music into pop/rock, shaping soundscapes for dreamers, visioners and troubled souls, valuing music primarily as a healing force, a self-soothing tool.

Currently synth player for the New Age-Folk and early LGTBQ icon Beverly Glenn-Copeland (see the 1986 milestone work “Keyboard Fantasies”), Jeremy’s solo project Special Costello has been introduced to the European scene via Marmo Music which offered to press his music on vinyl the first time ever. “Life Matter Love Thought” LP, released on November the 29th 2021, follows an array of digital-only self released albums. It consists of seven songs featuring glimpses of Synth-Pop, Psychedelic Rock nuances, traces of new romantic utopia, infantile Casio minimalism, Shoegaze haze and Drama Wave : Special Costello blends many styles, uniting all in his very own musing grandeur of pop music. Through his longing soulful voice, he sings lyrics of sincerely woven poetic enunciations that balance between introspective emotions and existential philosophical demands.


Dj Support – Vincent Manfuoco
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