Blech | Artist Talk | SPATIAL LESSONS — A COLLECTIVE FANTASY with COMMUNE6x3 collective

von | veröffentlicht am 18.07 2022

We warmly invite you to visit the exhibition and enjoy a variety of
events in Halle (Saale), Germany.

It’s meant to be?.
an impossible reality?.
It is comforting but hard to live it?.
It decodes the sorrows but hard for happiness to thrive through it?.
Fantasy?Fantasies.. A Collectives Fantasies

An individual’s ability to dream and fantasize, will power to share
with others and collectively build together is one of the greatest
things that have happened to us as humans.

The ability to create collectively could be painful but there’s always beauty in the
struggle. This exhibition is a pool of fantasies realized by the
?COMMUNE6x3? collectivebased in Frankfurt.

This show primarily explores different worlds and comforting spaces, a collection of
positive energy wrapped to be delivered. The goal in visualizing this
project is to send ?HOPE? and ?HEALING? to the world in
difficult moments like this.

Spatial Lessons ?A Collective Fantasy features works by Gintare
Sokelyte, Prashant Chavan, Samuel Baah Kortey, Sopo Kashakashvili, Neal
Hoey, Hormazd Vakharia, Larry Bonchaka, Ana Paula Dos Santos and
Maximiliano Sinani. The works in the show are collective works realized
between different members of COMMUNE6x3. The works take experimental
forms of videos, animations, happenings, Photographs, workshops, talks &
installations. For COMMUNE6x3, contemporary art is about working
together and connecting with individuals and groups. The works in the
exhibition express the ideas of hybrid communities, connectivity &
solidarity in relation to our absurd time.